Global Challenge

                We aspire to bring our research and discoveries to address challenges facing our world in the 21st century

                Technology does not exist in a silo, and an innovation that exists only in a lab does little to benefit the world.

                Under the banner of Industrial Innovation, we bring our accomplishments into the commercial arena and publicize all of the pioneering work that we do.
                Our strengths in new technologies are as diverse as we are, from Fintech to Robotics, but these technologies essentially have little to no value if they cannot prosper outside of our campus. Given this we have established a Technology Transfer Center to actualize laboratory results into real-world ready-to-use applications in the business sector.
                While recognizing the necessity of letting others bring our work to market, we have not overlooked our own agency. We have created the Entrepreneurship Center which develops the necessary skills to nurture scientists into business leaders. Not to be outdone by our partners, we have our own entity the R and D Corporation Limited (RDC) which serves as a vehicle for the commercialization of research conducted on campus.
                what we do


                Utilizing new technologies, like machine learning and predictive behavioral analytics, Fintech will help institutional clients further refine their investment decisions and open new opportunities for financial innovation.


                Robotics Institute

                Supporting efforts on robotics and autonomous systems across the campus, we draw on innovations in sensors, devices, systems, networks, neuroscience, data analytics, and machine learning to catalyze research.


                Technology Transfer Centre

                Serving as a bridge between our research community and the business sector, we identify collaboration opportunities in the local, regional and international markets, monitors promising research and incubates technology commercialization.


                Entrepreneurship Centre

                A center supporting innovation and entrepreneurship on campus, nurturing next-generation entrepreneurs for the economic and social development of Hong Kong, through activities and funds to foster a risk-taking value-creation mindset.


                HKUST R and D Corporation Limited (RDC)

                Our wholly-owned subsidiary of HKUST, serving as a vehicle for the commercialization of research conducted on campus. We provide contractual, financial and administrative support for technology transfer, research and consulting.